Rummy Soft APK Download – Get ₹10 Bonus & ₹22 Per Referral

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Rummy Soft APK download, RummySoft app, Rummy Soft real cash game. Are you looking for an easy way to make money? Rummy Soft offers an opportunity to make money with the click of a button.

Get ₹75 Bonus, Earn Rs.6200 Daily, Real Cash! Install the app
rummy soft

In this blog post, I will discuss how to earn money from Rummy Soft, from signing up to cashing out your earnings. Read on to learn how you can get started.

Rummy Soft App

Rummy Soft is an online gaming platform offering a variety of classic rummy games for players of all levels. With its easy-to-use interface and various features, it has become a popular choice for rummy enthusiasts. Players can enjoy the thrill of competing against other players for cash prizes or exciting daily bonuses

In addition, Rummy Soft offers a VIP Program 1-10 level for its most dedicated players, with daily, weekly, and monthly exclusive rewards. With this program, players can also enjoy special discounts and rewards that make playing more fun. It gives a 20 rupees signup bonus, 22 rupees per referral, and a 30% commission on referral recharge.

Rummy Soft Download Details 

# of Downloads10,00,276+ Indian Users
User Ratings4.2 out of 5 Stars
Signup Bonus₹20 Bonus on Login, Extra Rs. 41 Bonus if Eligible
Download LinkGet the RummySoft Here
Refer and Earn₹22 Per Referral, 30% commission on Every Recharge
Referral CodeOL49XY
Withdrawal OptionsBank Account, UPI
Minimum Withdrawal Amount100 Rupees
Daily Login BonusUp to 140 Rs. in a Week

RummySoft Game Features

  • Users– It has more than 1 million users. 
  • Bonus– It provides a 20 rupees signup bonus. 
  • Games– It has a total of 13 games. 
  • Features– It consists of various features like Spin, Jackpot, and Bonus pot.

Rummy Soft APK Download Steps

  1. Click on the link given in the download link column. Install the Rummy Soft app from here.
  2. You will land on the official website of the app. 
  3. Scroll down and click on the Rummy Soft download option. 
  4. It will start to download.
  5. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the installation process. 

How to Register on Rummy Soft Game?

Rummy Soft APK Download
  1. Tap to open the downloaded Rummy Soft app.
  2. Now you will see different options to log in. 
  3. Fill up your mobile number and tap on login. 
  4. Now fill up OTP and click on confirm. 
  5. After confirmation, your account will be created.

Rummy Soft Daily Bonus Rewards

Rummy Soft APK Download
Number Of DaysDaily Signup Rewards 
Day 1 5 Rupee
Day 25 Rupees
Day 35 Rupees
Day 45 Rupees
Day 55 Rupees
Day 65 Rupees
Day 7120 Rupees

Steps to Collect ₹20 Bonus in Rummy Soft App

  1. Open the Rummy Soft game app on the device. 
  2. Fill in your mobile number in the given column. 
  3. Put OTP received on your mobile number.
  4. Click on the confirm and you will reach the dashboard. 
  5. Instantly 20 rupees bonus popup will come and tap on the claim. 

Rummy Soft Add Cash Offer

Principal AmountPercentage of BonusAmount of bonusTotal Amount
0 rupees10 per cent0 rupees0 rupees
100 rupees15 per cent10 rupees110 rupees
300 rupees20 per cent45 rupees245 rupees
500 rupees20 per cent100 rupees600 rupees
1000 rupees25 per cent200 rupees1200 rupees
3000 rupees30 per cent700 rupees3700 rupees
5000 rupees30 per cent1000 rupees6000 rupees
10000 rupees35 per cent1500 rupees11500 rupees
20000 rupees 35 percent2000 rupees22000 rupees

How to Deposit Cash in Rummy Soft APK?

  1. Open the Rummy Soft earning app.
  2. Click on the Add Cash option. 
  3. Select the Amount and click on Add Cash. 
  4. You will land on the payment option. 
  5. Choose the preferred method and complete the payment. 

How to Refer Rummy Soft and Earn Real Cash?

Rummy Soft APK Download

Refer and Earn in Rummy Soft is a great way to earn extra money. It is a referral program that allows you to earn a commission for every person you refer to the platform. With the Refer and Earn program, you can earn up to 22 rupees per person you refer and a 30 % recharge commission. 

You can refer your friends, family members or anyone else to the platform. You can do this by sharing your referral link or code with them. when they register using your referral link or code, they will be automatically added to your list of referrals. 

  1. Open the Rummy Soft real cash app. 
  2. Click on the Refer and Earn. 
  3. Click on the Rule Option. 
  4. Copy the link or share by provided options like Telegram, Whatsapp, and Facebook. 
  5. When your referral installs the app, you will start getting rupees. 

Rummy Soft APK Supported Games

The top-notch app Rummy Soft offers a total of 13 games of different modes. Some of them are jackpots, and some of them are fast-paced. 

1Teen Patti 8Horse Racing
2Rummy9Zoo Roulette
3Dragon Vs Tiger10Ludo
4Jhandi Munda11Andar Bahar
5Christmas Gifts Jackpot12Wingo Lottery 
6Car Roulette13Losted Pearl 
7Fruit Party

How to Play Games in Rummy Soft? 

  1. Open the Rummy Soft Apk. 
  2. On the dashboard, you will see various games. 
  3. Choose any of the games to play and click on it. 
  4. It will first download the resources pack. 
  5. Now choose the stack amount and commence playing. 

Possible Ways to Earn Money in Rummy Soft App

Well here in the below section I am going to illustrate possible ways to earn pennies from the app. Go through this. 

Login Bonus 

The app offers all players a chance to get a head-start in the game by giving them a bonus of 20 rupees. This bonus is available to all players who sign up for an account with Rummy Soft. It’s important to note that this bonus is only available once and cannot be used again. 

Refer and Earn 

Rummy Soft offers an exciting Refer and Earn program that allows users to get 22 rupees per person referred to the app. In addition to the 22 rupees per person referred, Rummy Soft also offers a 30% recharge commission. This means that when you refer someone to the app, you will receive a 30% commission on all the recharge amounts of the people you refer. This is a great way to make money and get more people playing the game. 

VIP Program 

The Rummy Soft app is offering players 10 levels of the VIP Program to help enhance their gaming experience. Each level will offer exclusive benefits, including daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses. 

Lucky Spin 

Lucky Spin in Rummy Soft is a daily bonus game that can reward players with up to 1500 cash. Players can spin the wheel to win cash, points, and even special prizes. The higher the level of the player, the higher the number of spins they can receive in low amounts. 

Daily Cash Card 

The app offers 3 types of cards to purchase and win extra money. The card ranges from 500 to 5000. 

RummySoft VIP Program Benefits 

VIP LevelDaily BonusWeekly BonusMonthly Bonus
RummySoft0 Rupees0 Rupees0 Rupees
RummySoft2 Rupees5 Rupees30 Rupees
RummySoft5 Rupees10 Rupees60 Rupees
RummySoft10 Rupees20 Rupees80 Rupees
RummySoft20 Rupees30 Rupees100 Rupees
RummySoft30 Rupees40 Rupees120 Rupees
RummySoft40 Rupees50 Rupees150 Rupees
RummySoft50 Rupees60 Rupees200 Rupees
RummySoft65 Rupees80 Rupees250 Rupees
RummySoft80 Rupees100 Rupees300 Rupees
RummySoft100 Rupees150 Rupees400 Rupees

How to Become a VIP Member in Soft Rummy? 

Becoming a VIP member of Rummy Soft is a great way to get access to exclusive promotions, higher loyalty points and bonuses, and more. If you meet the criteria for becoming a VIP member which is a recharge of 1000 for VIP 1, you will be on your way to enjoying the benefits and rewards that come with being a VIP member.  

Rummy Soft Cash Withdrawal Process

  1. Open the Rummy Soft app. 
  2. Click on the Withdrawal option. 
  3. Now fill in your bank details and click on submit.
  4. Choose the amount to be withdrawn. 
  5. Click on confirm. 

How to Play Dragon Tiger in Rummy Soft Game?

Rummy Soft APK Download

Dragon vs Tiger is an exciting game that can be played quickly and easily. The game is played between two opponents, one playing a dragon and the other playing a tiger with 3 types of bets; Tiger, Dragon, and Tie. 

  1. Open the Rummy Soft app.
  2. Find and click on the Dragon Vs Tiger game. 
  3. The game will start downloading the resources pack.
  4. After a few seconds, the game will start. 
  5. Now you can bet an amount and play the game.

Rummy Soft Dragon Vs Tiger Rules 

There are 8 sets of 52 cards and you have to exclude them from the Joker cards. One thing to remember, only the digital numbers are considered, regardless of the colors. By any chance the number between the two cards will be the same then the result will be tied. 

Rummy Soft APK Lucky Spin

Rummy Soft APK Download

The Lucky Spin feature offers a great way for players to win cash prizes without having to put their money at risk. Players can purchase up to 6 spins and have the chance to win up to 1500 cash and 300 rupees for each spin. 

  1. Open the Rummy Soft online game. 
  2. You will see an option for Lucky Spin on the left side. 
  3. Click on it to open the spin. 
  4. Now tap on the spin option and win money. 

RummySoft Ranking Feature 

The platform offers a unique ranking feature that rewards players with cash prizes based on their performance in the game. The first-place player earns 50% of the jackpot cash reward, the second-place player earns 30% of the reward, and the third-place player earns 10% of the reward. 

  1. Open the RummySoft apk.
  2. Click on the Ranking option. 
  3. Here you will see the ranking of the player. 
  4. You can also see your ranking in the app and the reward that you could win. 

Soft Rummy Bonus Pot 

The feature consists of all the bonuses you get will be placed here. Whenever you lose money in the game, the bonus will be converted into cash at 10% of the money you lose. 

  1. Tap to open the Rummy Soft Indian app. 
  2. Click on the red coloured pot lying above the screen. 
  3. You can see the total saved cash in the pot. 
  4. Click on Get Cash to take out cash. 

Rummy Soft Lucky 3 Patti Feature 

With this feature, you have given 6 different types of areas to bet on and you have to bet on one. If your bet becomes right, you could win the jackpot. 

  1. Open the RummySoft app.
  2. Click on the 3 Patti AAA feature. 
  3. Here you will see 6 areas of betting including the jackpot. 
  4. Choose the coin for a bet and start playing. 

Rummy Soft App Daily Cash Card 

The Daily Cash Card feature in RummySoft allows you to receive bonus cash rewards each day. The Daily Cash Card comes in three different tiers Silver, Gold, and Diamond with each tier offering a different bonus amount. Silver cards offer 670 in bonus cash, Gold cards provide 2510, and Diamond cards give you a whopping 6100 in bonus cash.  

  1. Open the Rummy Soft new app.
  2. Click on the Cash Card option. 
  3. Now you will find 3 types of cards. 
  4. Choose the card according to your budget. 
  5. Now tap on the been column to buy it. 

Rummy Soft Customer Care Number

  1. Open the Rummy Soft game app.
  2. Click on the Service option located below the screen. 
  3. Now you will see various types of Quick links. 
  4. Tap on the links in which you have a problem. The solution is provided in them. 


Is the Rummy Soft app legal to use in India?

Yes, the Rummy soft app is legal to use in India. The Indian Supreme Court has ruled that the game of rummy is a game of skill, and thus legal to play for stakes in India. Therefore, you can use the Rummy soft app to play rummy for stakes in India. 

What type of device is compatible with the RummySoft app?

The Rummy Soft App is compatible with Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhones and iPads.

What to do if added cash is not received in Soft Rummy Apk? 

Please wait for 3-10 minutes, maybe the arrival delay. If you still do not receive money after refreshing the game, please click on need help and upload your payment screenshot which contains UTR, transaction number, UPI, etc. 

For withdrawals in Rummy Soft, do I have to do KYC? 

Yes, you have to do KYC, fill up bank details on the withdrawal page, and then you could withdraw the money.  

How long does it take to Withdraw my money in the Rummy Soft app? 

The withdrawal review takes about half an hour and the bank processing period takes 3-7 working days. It is usually completed in 72 hours. 

How to change the Rummy Soft login password? 

Return to the login page, click on the forgot password, get OTP to change the password. 

What to do when the Commission cannot be withdrawn in Rummy Soft game?

You will get cash when your referred friends are recharged, and your commission reaches 300 rupees, you can choose to withdraw or convert to the game. 

Are there any bonuses or rewards associated with playing the Rummy Soft Apk?

Yes, there are bonuses and rewards associated with playing the Rummy Soft App. Players will get a login bonus and daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses. 

Is my money safe in the new Rummy Soft app?

Yes, your money is safe with Rummy Soft. The company uses the latest encryption and security technologies to ensure the safety and security of all its customers. You can rest assured that all your transactions are safe and secure.

How to Change Rummy Soft App Language? 

  1. Click to open the Rummy Soft apk.
  2. Now click on the setting option. 
  3. Here you will find two languages, Hindi and English. 
  4. Choose the language which you want and tap on it. 
  5. Now automatically the language of the ais changed. 


The Rummy Soft app is an excellent choice for those looking to play online rummy games. It offers an impressive range of features, including a 20 rupees login bonus, 10 level VIP program, daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses, 22 rupees per person referral bonus, and a 30% commission on recharges. 

Additionally, the RummySoft app also has a spin wheel feature that allows players to win exciting prizes. All these features make Rummy Soft Apk the perfect choice for anyone looking to play rummy online.  

Important Disclaimer: Rummy Soft APK involves financial risks or loss and can also be addictive. Please play at your own risk, and the Rummy Soft game is applicable for responsible users. RummyAllGames does not encourage investing in the Rummy Soft app.

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