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Rainbow Rummy APK download, New Rummy Rainbow online cash game app. Do you want to make some extra cash? Interested in gaming as a hobby? If so, the Rainbow Rummy app may be the perfect option for you. This app provides players with the opportunity to earn real cash prizes right from their smartphones.

Get ₹75 Bonus, Earn Rs.6200 Daily, Real Cash! Install the app
rainbow rummy apk download

Rummy Rainbow offers a variety of cash game types and offers. In the following blog post, I will discuss the RainbowRummy game app in detail including how it works, the different levels of play, and how to get the app.

So, if you’re looking for a new way to make money while having a blast, keep reading.

Download Rainbow Rummy

Number of Downloads12,10,060+ Downloads 
User Ratings4.4 Out of 5 stars
Register Bonus51 Rupees
Download LinkInstall & Get Bonus
Refer & Earn60% Tax on recharge amount of referral 
APK Referral Code9860033
Cash Withdrawal optionsBank Transfer, UPI
Minimum Withdrawal Amount100 INR
7-Daily Login Free BonusRs. 75 For 7 Days Check-in

About Rainbow Rummy App

Rainbow Rummy is an online rummy app with stunning graphics and exciting gameplay. It includes various popular games like Dragon vs Tiger, 7Up Down, Rummy, and Andar Bahar. With easy controls and real-time leaderboards, the app adds value to the game. RainbowRummy offers several options such as Cash Games, Tournaments, a Spin wheel, and a rank feature for players.

Apart from this, its secure payment system, 24/7 customer support, and anti-fraud measures keep users safe. Plus, its Live Chat feature helps players communicate with each other and make friends. It has various ways to make money from RainbowRummy APK.

Rummy Rainbow Highlights

  • Earn Cash– Rainbow Rummy is one of the few online card games that allow you to play for real cash. 
  • Game Variants: Offer different variants of Rummy games, including traditional Indian Rummy, Poker, and more. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface with smooth animations, clear card graphics, and easy-to-navigate menus. 
  • Tournaments: Host regular Rainbow Rummy tournaments with varying entry fees and attractive prizes for winners.
  • Leaderboards and Rankings: Implement a system to track players’ performance and maintain leaderboards showcasing top players and their achievements. 

How to Download Rainbow Rummy APK?

  1. Launch the top mobile device browser and go to the official Rainbow Rummy website. The URL mentioned above can also be used. 
  2. Various Rainbow Rummy app-related data can be viewed in this section. 
  3. You must click the button to download the Rainbow Rummy game app next to this. 
  4. The Rainbow Rummy APK will then start downloading on your phone at that point. 
  5. As soon as it’s done, click on it to install it. 

RainbowRummy New User Login Steps

  1. Click on the Rainbow Rummy app icon to open it. 
  2. The app will log you in as a guest itself. 
  3. You should click on the profile and then tap on the bind phone number. 
  4. After this, fill up the mobile number, OTP, and new password two times. 
  5. Doing this, see below and tap on the confirm button and you will be registered with the app. 

Free Login Bonus on Rainbow Rummy Game

Day Bonus per day 
Day 1 5 Rupees
Day 25 Rupees
Day 35 Rupees
Day 45 Rupees
Day 515 Rupees
Day 615 Rupees
Day 725 Rupees

51 Bonus in Rainbow Rummy APK, How to Claim it?

  1. Click on the Rainbow Rummy App to start. 
  2. You will be logged in as a guest into the app but you have to be a member. For this click on the profile. 
  3. Then, fill in the mobile number, OTP that you received on the number.  
  4. After you confirm, create a new password and the process is over, and you will instantly receive a bonus of 20 or 51 Rupees.  
  5. You can use this money for playing games. 

Cashback on Adding Money in Rainbow Rummy App

Principal Amount Percentage of BonusAmount of bonusTotal Amount
50 Rupees0%0 Rupees50 Rupees
100 Rupees0%0 Rupees100 Rupees
200 Rupees0%0 Rupees200 Rupees
500 Rupees0%0 Rupees500 Rupees
1000 Rupees2%20 Rupees1020 Rupees
3000 Rupees2.5%75 Rupees3075 Rupees
5000 Rupees3%150 Rupees5150 Rupees
8000 Rupees3.5%280 Rupees8280 Rupees
10000 Rupees 4%400 Rupees10400 Rupees
20000 Rupees4.5% 900 Rupees 20900 Rupees 
30000 Rupees5%1500 Rupees31500 Rupees
40000 Rupees 5.5% 2200 Rupees 42200 Rupees 
50000 Rupees6%3000 Rupees53000 Rupees

Rummy Rainbow First Recharge Benefits 

Recharge Amount Recharge Bonus 






1 Lakh or more Contact Support 30%

Rummy Rainbow Adding Cash Steps

  1. Click to launch the Rainbow  Rummy mobile application. 
  2. Select the Pay menu item on the screen’s bottom. 
  3. Select the desired contribution to the account. 
  4. Select the payment method and click “Buy Chips.” A waiting screen will appear. 
  5. A short while later, it will prompt you to open a new tab where you have to select a payment method. 
  6. After selecting click on next and it will ask you to open a new payment tab in the browser, select one. 
  7. Now scan the QR code to pay and your payment will be added. 

Method of Withdrawing Cash in Rainbow Rummy Game

  1. Open the Rainbow Rummy Apk on your device. 
  2. Now you can see a withdrawal button beside the Pay option, click on it. 
  3. You will see all your wallet data here. Now fill up the amount. 
  4. Then click on the bank account icon to add a bank account. 
  5. After successfully adding an account, click on the withdraw button to process. 

RainbowRummy Referral Program 

Rainbow Rummy, a popular mobile game, offers a special Refer and Earn feature that allows players to earn rewards for referring their friends and family to the game. This feature allows players to get bonus chips that can be redeemed for in-game prizes. The rewards can range from additional coins to 60% of the tax amount of your friend’s recharge. 

The more people a player refers to the game, the more chances they have of earning rewards. To use this feature, players must first have an account with Rainbow Rummy.

Then, players can share a referral link with their friends and family, which can be found in the refer and earn menu. When someone signs up and plays the game using your link, you will immediately receive the reward points.

Popular Money-earning Games

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Money Earning Games in Rainbow Rummy App

1Dragon Vs Tiger 11Best of Five
2Baccarat 12Andar Bahar Go
3Zoo Roulette 13Black Jack
4Teen patti 147Up Down
5Car Roulette 15Ludo
6Crash 16Poker 
7Andar Bahar 17Fruit Line
9Teen Patti 20-201910 Cards
10Roulette 20Mines 

Rummy Rainbow APK Dragon Vs Tiger

Dragon vs Tiger is played by most users to easily earn money. This is a type of fast-track game in which you will get three bets to wager: Tiger, Dragon, and Tie. The amount of money you have to bet is directly dependent on the payout table. 

  1. Click to open the Rainbow Rummy online app.
  2. Now on the dashboard, you will easily access the Dragon vs Tiger game. 
  3. Click on the game to open it. The game will take a few seconds to download the resource pack of the game.
  4. The completion of this process, the game will start automatically.
  5. Now choose the bet on dragon or tiger and earn money. 

Dragon Vs Tiger Instruction 

  1. There are 8 sets of 52 cards and you have to exclude the Joker cards. 
  2. One thing to remember, only the digital numbers are considered, regardless of the colors. 
  3. By any chance the number between the two cards will be the same then the result will be tied. 

Rainbow Rummy Game VIP Bonus Details 

VIP CategoryBirthday BonusWeekly Bonus Monthly Bonuslevel up  Bonus
VIP 000 Rupees0 Rupees0 Rupees
VIP 100 Rupees0 Rupees0 Rupees
VIP 277 Rupees ₹30 Rupees₹60 Rupees₹10 Rupees
VIP 377 Rupees ₹40 Rupees₹70 Rupees₹15 Rupees
VIP 477 Rupees ₹50 Rupees₹80 Rupees₹20 Rupees
VIP 577 Rupees ₹60 Rupees₹90 Rupees₹25 Rupees
VIP 677 Rupees ₹70 Rupees₹100Rupees₹30 Rupees
VIP 7177 Rupees ₹80 Rupees₹110 Rupees₹35 Rupees
VIP 8177 Rupees ₹90 Rupees₹120 Rupees₹40 Rupees
VIP 9177 Rupees ₹100 Rupees₹130 Rupees₹45 Rupees
VIP 10177 Rupees ₹110 Rupees₹140 Rupees₹50 Rupees
VIP 11177 Rupees ₹120 Rupees₹150 Rupees₹55 Rupees
VIP 121777 Rupees ₹130 Rupees₹160 Rupees₹60 Rupees
VIP 131777 Rupees ₹140 Rupees₹170 Rupees₹65 Rupees
VIP 141777 Rupees ₹150 Rupees₹180 Rupees₹70 Rupees
VIP 151777 Rupees ₹160 Rupees₹190 Rupees₹75 Rupees
VIP 161777 Rupees ₹170 Rupees₹200 Rupees₹80 Rupees
VIP 177777 Rupees ₹180 Rupees₹210 Rupees₹85 Rupees
VIP 187777 Rupees ₹190 Rupees₹220 Rupees₹90 Rupees
VIP 197777 Rupees ₹200 Rupees₹230 Rupees₹95 Rupees
VIP 2077777 Rupees ₹210 Rupees₹240 Rupees₹100Rupees

How to Earn Money from Rainbow Rummy Real Cash App?

Well everyone will think that there is only one way to earn money from Rummy Rainbow real cash APK but the answer is no. There are many ways to earn money from the Rainbow Rummy apk. Want to know, read out the below paragraphs. 

1. Refer System 

According to the referral program of the Rummy Rainbow app, you can not only earn a referral bonus but at the same time you also get a chance to earn a commission on every deposit of the referral, which continues for a lifetime. With this, you can estimate your earning. 

2. Regular Tournaments

Daily tournaments of Teen Patti, Rummy, and Crash games are organized in the Rummy Rainbow app in which you have to compete with other players. If you win the tournament by defeating all of them, then you are awarded the prize money. 

3. Playing Multiple Games 

RainbowRummy app has a total of 20 games so you have the variety to choose from. Play any of the cash games and earn lakhs per month, the only thing matters is skill. 

4. Login Bonus

When you download the app and create an account on Rummy Rainbow real cash APK, you become eligible for the login bonus. It will be between 20-50 Rupees per user. 

Rummy Rainbow Win/Lose Rebate

Whenever you will lose an amount in any of the games you can apply for some amount of refund from the app. Want to know how much, just look at the table below. 

Active Object Lose or Win Winning Amount Loss Amount Wager 

New and old VIPs of all entertainment chess and card games 

Bonus Withdrawal needs to meet wager 1X 

RainbowRummy App Share Feature 

You have access to a sharing option through the Rainbow Rummy app. By recommending the app to your friends and family, you have the opportunity to earn a sizable sum of money via the share option. You will receive 80 coins for 1, 90 coins when two friends do so, and 100 coins when three or more people do so. A rupee is equal to one coin. 

  1. Open the Rainbow Rummy app on your device. 
  2. On the dashboard, there will be a share option at the below taskbar. 
  3. Click on it and now you will see some details along with a sharing option. 
  4. Choose the best option of your choice and start earning money.  

Rainbow Rummy Game Spin Wheel 

On the left side of Rummy Rainbow real cash app’s dashboard is where the spin wheel position is located. The app suggests three groups for the spin wheel. The first is the silver division, where spinning and earning 100 points can earn you up to 888. You need 500 points to spin the wheel in the second category of the Gold wheel, where you can earn up to 7288 Rupees. 

The last set is referred to as the “Diamond Wheel,” nevertheless. For a chance to win a Ninja HE SX bike, you must have 1800 points to spin the wheel. 

Rainbow Rummy APK Helpline

  1. Tap on the Rainbow Rummy app icon to start the app. 
  2. When you reach out to the dashboard, click on the support button. 
  3. Now click on the second option “Support” then click on the large deposit. 
  4. The app will open a new window in a browser. 
  5. Here you can talk to the customer executive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my money safe in Rainbow Rummy game?

The Rainbow Rummy app makes highly advanced security features to ensure the safekeeping of financial and personal data gathered from players. RainbowRummy app makes sure that they keep up with data protection legislation so they don’t leak your data outside. 

How many bonuses can I get in the Rummy Rainbow app?

You will get bonuses when your friend wins in the game. This will be bonus chips and 60% off the commission from the tax as well as a login bonus, wheel spin bonus, first deposit bonus, VIP bonus, and many more.

Can I earn money in a guest account in the Rainbow Rummy APK?  

You don’t have any way to earn money when you play as a guest in the Rainbow rummy app. Even if you can not use any of the bonuses provided by the app, you can not add or withdraw money.  

What will I get when I become a VIP member of the RainbowRummy game?

The Rainbow Rummy app provides exciting bonuses to its VIP users. It includes a daily login bonus, weekly bonus, monthly bonus, level-up bonus, and birthday bonus.

From where can I check my bonus and commission? 

To access the details of commission you have to go to the refer and earn section. 

How much can I earn from Rainbow Rummy Ludo every day? 

If you have logic along with skills then you can easily earn up to 250 Rupees every day playing a ludo game. 

What do I need to do if I forgot my Rummy Rainbow login password?

Click the forget password button after clicking login to set a new password. Write your phone number and click OTP to receive the code through sms. fill in the code that you received and set a new password and now you can use Rummy Rainbow real cash app without any problem.

Is Rainbow Rummy app legal to use in India? 

The Rainbow Rummy app has been incensed to run their app in India. Therefore the app is legal to use as it follows the rules and regulations of the Indian government.


A fun gaming software called Rainbow Rummy gives you the chance to have a good time while also having the chance to participate in its games and earn money online.

Rainbow Rummy game offers a variety of bonuses, such as level-up bonuses, bonuses for logging in, daily check-in bonuses, level-up bonuses, weekly bonuses, monthly bonuses, and birthday bonuses.

If you recommend it to a friend and they download Rummy Rainbow APK using your link, you can additionally get 80–100 bonus points

Additionally, there are a total of 20 games incorporated into the Rainbow Rummy app that you can play to win money. 60% tax amount and bonus chips are also given as refer bonus.

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